Promoting Health

Reducing Carbon Emissions

Reducing Waste

Creating Green Jobs

An Eco Startup

ARIS BioEnergy is an Eco startup formed with the dual intent of making the society greener and a healthier place to live in. Green energy is the mantra and buzz word of today’s times. We at ARIS Bio Energy have taken our baby steps to build a company in a space where none exists.

Every year India consumes more than 23 Million Tons of cooking oil. A good portion of this oil is used for frying of various kinds of foods. At ARIS we are working to find answers to tough questions–

How can we promote healthy eating habits?

What happens to the used cooking oil?

How can we get commercial eateries to adopt safe cooking practices?

Is used oil dumped into water bodies?

Is Cooking Oil (UCO) used for adulteration?

Our Vision

Creating a greener society by generating BioDiesel from used cooking oil.

Our Mission

Be the largest Feed stock procurer for Bio Diesel Industry by 2021