An average Indian consumes around 19.5 kgs of edible oil each year! All our meals, starting from breakfast, lunch, dinner to late-night gorging, have oil as an important component. Most of the delectable food items like roadside samosas, chaat to packaged chips are deep fried and soaked in oil. Home-made regular meals like roti, pulses, and vegetables, including the non-vegetarian preparations, are also cooked in oil.

Often, in most Indian households, cooking oil is reused. Hotels, restaurants, food stalls, roadside eateries engage in reusing oil repeatedly to save on the cost and build up profit. Doing so is extremely detrimental to our health and limited awareness around reusing oil only adds to the existing hazard.

The Challenge Before Us

Raise Awareness about the ill effects of Consuming Reheated Cooking Oil...

import of used cooking oil in india

The more we have access to easy food services, the more will be health issues. In India, the number of people with chronic diseases like Diabetes, Cholesterol, and heart diseases are rapidly escalating. It is upsetting to see that the younger generation is being highly impacted. Oil being one of the key ingredients in Indian cuisine is used enormously. Many Indian dishes are fried and cooked in oil. However, many times after frying and cooking, a large amount of oil stays behind. But just to avoid wastage, people tend to use the same batch of used cooking oil again. After seeing the deadly consequences of used cooking oil on the environment and humans, even the Government of India is educating its citizens to donate the used oil to Biodiesel manufacturers in India

import of used cooking oil in india

Used cooking oil is the biggest monster lurking in your kitchen. Cooking oil being one of the key ingredients in Indian cuisine can also become the reason for chronic diseases like heart disease, diabetes, etc. People dispose of the used cooking oil irresponsibly by pouring it into the kitchen sink. This is not only hazardous to humans but the environment too. Humans have been destroying the mesmerizing beauty of the environment for decades but now is the time to cure the wounds of our nature. Rather than disposing of used cooking oil recklessly and irresponsibly, one can donate the used cooking oil to Biodiesel manufacturers in India.


import of used cooking oil in india

India is one of the biggest oil importers in the world. As the entire world knows, India is famous for its delectable cuisine and is incomplete without the key ingredient, oil. However, the demand for Biodiesel is rapidly increasing due to its beneficial properties. The amount of used cooking oil that stays behind after frying/cooking is enormous. And the same used cooking oil can be used for the production of Biodiesel. There are plenty of used cooking oil uses, people just need to be educated about it. Rather than wasting used cooking oil by relentlessly pouring it into the drain, people can utilize used cooking oil by donating it to the Biodiesel manufacturers in India.

We are recognized by FSSAI under the RUCO initiative, to aggregate used cooking oil for conversion to Biodiesel.

RUCO is an initiative by Food Safety and Standards Authority of India (FSSAI). It is essential to monitor the quality of vegetable oils during frying. In order to safeguard consumer health, FSSAI has fixed a limit for Total Polar Compounds at 25 percent beyond which the vegetable oil shall not be used.