You are currently viewing An enthralling and eternal journey towards sustainable living!! – Aris BioEnergy BioDiesel Odyssey

An enthralling and eternal journey towards sustainable living!! – Aris BioEnergy BioDiesel Odyssey

Aris BioEnergy has the vision to see our planet transmute into a healthy & sustainable one. We get enraptured by eliminating toxic components like Used Cooking Oil from our ecosystem. We predominantly believe that used cooking is more harmful than it seems, and as responsible citizens of India, we wish for nothing but the elimination of such toxic substances from our kitchens, ecosystem, and the nation. Almost every house in India has a bucket or container full of used cooking oil that gets used little by little in all dishes. Also, not to forget the enormous usage of used cooking oil by FBO (Food Business Operators).

However, at Aris BioEnergy, we aim to acquaint people with the significance of sustainable living and the harmful outcomes of consuming used cooking oil. We are on a mission to spread the word about how used cooking oil that people usually dispose of in the garbage or pour into the sink can be used for the production of Biodiesel. We educate from the younger generation to the older generation about how used cooking oil can be a potential feedstock for the production of Biodiesel.

We have a forethought that India will soon become a sustainable powered nation and for that, Aris Team is working with tight determination today. And as Aris BioEnergy is all up for something enthralling and remarkable, we feel there’s nothing like an epic road trip. Our adventure will unfold our vision and mission.

About the Expedition –

Aris BioEnergy is going on a sustainable mission and our TBD0 2022 team will be travelling across 25 cities of India in a span of 30 days. This road tour will encompass India, Nepal, and Bhutan with an Indian car that is powered by self-made biodiesel (B50). In this mission, our zealous team will be engaging with students from various universities & Youth organisations.

The journey will be embarked on August 24, 2022, from Bengaluru, India and will come to an end on September 22, 2022, in Bengaluru, India.

Meet our green team –

This tour will be operated by Avinash Narayanaswamy and Aakankash NM.

Avinash Narayanaswamy –

Avinash has obtained a double degree in Sustainable Energy Technology and Environmental and Energy Management from the University of Twente, Netherland, and a Bachelor’s in Chemical Engineering from Bengaluru, India. He is associated with the Centre of Incubation, Innovation, Research & Consultancy (CIIRC)as an assistant professor. He is also a startup owner of “Green Law”. He has acquired scholarships like the University of Twente scholarship, Netherlands Fellowship Programme Masters, and Netherlands Fellowship Programme short course. He was felicitated with awards like 2041 Robert Swan’s Climate Force  – 2022 – Antarctica, Go Green Award – 2021- Bengaluru, India, Samaj Seva Ratna Award – 2021- Bengaluru, India, Chanakya Award – 2020 – Bengaluru, India, ICSE Award – 2019, New Delhi – India.

Aakankash NM-

Aakankash is a product designer who is passionate about sustainability and eco-friendly adventures. He has obtained a Bachelor’s degree in Design – 2021 from Bengaluru, India. Also, he has been Bike Pooling for Eco Driveathon (India’s first ever Biodiesel adventure) since 2017. With his young and ambitious spirit, he strives to set a benchmark for sustainable travellers.

We are accelerating the world’s transition to sustainable energy. Are you in?

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