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Biodiesel from Vegetable oil and Sunflower oil

Biodiesel is getting a lot of acceptance in the market. People are now accepting that biodiesel can be the future fuel of the nation. It is estimated that the biodiesel market will accelerate in upcoming decades as people are opting for sustainable measures.

Did you know? One of the common ingredients that are used in the production of biodiesel is vegetable oil. Biodiesel can be either made with fresh vegetable oil as well as used cooking oil. More than 80% of biodiesel is made with oil.

Biodiesel has the potential to make the environment less polluted. Biodiesel from vegetable oil is quite popular. Biodiesel from Vegetable oil is produced by transesterification – a process that is used for the conversion of fats and oil into biodiesel. As mentioned before, if not fresh oil, biodiesel can be made with used cooking oil too. Even the Government of India is empowering people to make utmost use of used cooking oil by donating it to the Biodiesel manufacturers in India. The amount of oil India uses is enormous. As India is known for its delectable cuisine worldwide, the key ingredient that is used to make such delicious food items is oil. Oil plays a vital role in Indian cuisine. However, India is the largest consumer of oil. The amount of leftover oil stays behind after cooking/frying is huge. That’s why the Government of India empowers its citizens to donate used cooking oil to Biodiesel manufacturers in India for Biodiesel production.

Biodiesel is believed to be the best alternative to petroleum diesel. The demand for Biodiesel is rapidly escalating because people from all across the world understand how other fuels are contributing to air pollution by releasing toxic emissions enormously. Biodiesel can be made from sunflower oil, animal fat, soybean oil, canola oil, etc. In order to make biodiesel, the materials go through a refinery process called “transesterification”. The reason why sunflower oil is popularly used for the production of biodiesel is that sunflower seeds have a high oil content. The average yields can produce 600 pounds of oil per acre.

It is believed that Biodiesel causes less harm to the motor of vehicles and helps in diminishing pollution. Some of the top advantages of using biodiesel are – it is energy efficient, sustainable, reduces greenhouse gases, and much more. Furthermore, people in many major countries are opting for biodiesel, India being one of them. In fact, the Government of India is motivating people to make biodiesel the fuel of the nation. The Indian government has passed many laws stating that all the F&B aggregators must donate/sell used cooking oil to the Biodiesel manufacturers in India.

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