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Used Cooking Oil – After Effects On Human And Environment

Used cooking oil (UCO) is one of the harshest slow poisons one can consume. As India is a hub for street foods and varied cuisine, Indians tend to use more oil than others. Almost every Indian dish you see is fried in oil. With tastes comes slow poison. Consuming oily food, in general, is bad, but consuming food that is fried in used cooking oil is worse.

While devouring delectable delicacies, a thought runs into our minds: what happens to this much oil at the end of the day, what do these vendors do with such oil. Oftentimes, these used cooking oils are re-used or poured in drainage.

However, both ways are dangerous.

After-effects of consuming used cooking oils on Humans:

Consumption of used cooking oil is the reason why people are getting acidity problems nowadays. Used cooking oil is one of the highly neglected demons living in your kitchen. Reusing cooking oils might save up your money but it is probably the reason for high inflammation and high cholesterol in your body. Reheating cooking oil releases a toxic and Carcinogenic chemical. Anything that has carcinogenicity tends to cause cancer.

Used cooking oil causes heart disease, obesity, diabetes, skin problems, and the list goes on.

After-effects of used cooking oils on the Environment:

The environmental impacts of used cooking oil are innumerable. Have you ever wondered what happens to the oils we pour into the drainage? Oils along with water flow through rivers and oceans. Oils then coat marine life and plants, strangling them to death. The population of marine life is enormously affected because of this practice. And the same water is later used for agricultural purposes. Oil has components that release a foul smell if it blends with other dirt and makes breathing difficult for humans as well as marine life. If we humans don’t take considerable action against this now then we might have to face plant and animal scarcity soon.

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