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Uses of Used Cooking Oil – Biofuel And Much More

Cooking oils are an essential ingredient while cooking. For luscious food items cooking oil is essential, but what about the leftover oil that stays behind? Oftentimes, we use the oil multiple times, but little do we know oil loses its significant components and becomes harmful to our bodies.

There are over billions of households in India, imagine the amount of oil we are using and the amount of oil other countries are using. Moreover, there are street vendors and the Food and Beverages (F & B) industry that uses oil in large quantities. Used cooking oil not only impacts humans but also affects the environment.

Problems from used cooking oil are soaring at an alarming rate and the only way to tone it down is by deposing the oil in the right way.

Given below are the top 4 ways you can dispose of your used cooking oils.

1) Biofuel – As many people are fascinated by the idea of a sustainable lifestyle, people are still unaware of the terrible consequences of using used cooking oil. But as people are promoting sustainability the demand for Biofuel is escalating. Biofuel is a great & sustainable alternative to petroleum diesel. Companies like Aris Bioenergy collect used cooking oil from your home & restaurants and convert it into biodiesel.

2) Soapmaking Along with caustic soda flakes and water, the used cooking oils play a useful ingredient in soap making. Lye soaps can be made using used cooking oils.

3) Lamp oil Why drain the oil in drainage when you can light a lamp at home? Yes, there’s no harm in using used cooking oil in lamps. You can make DIY lamps or diyas and use the used cooking oil.  

4) Cosmetics Oil is a vital ingredient in making cosmetics like lipsticks, concealers, foundation, eye shadow, etc. Ever wondered what makes the texture of these cosmetics so soft? It is because of the oil concentration. There’s an upswing in cosmetics brands that promotes sustainable make-up.

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