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Government of India’s Initiative regarding Used Cooking Oil

According to experts, edible oil should not be reused for frying or other cooking purposes beyond two times, post which it can be collected in a bottle. Collected used cooking oil should ideally be then contributed towards generating biodiesel.

Aris BioEnergy collects the used cooking oil from your doorstep. Our efforts are aimed at supporting government initiatives and creating sustainable biofuels. Your awareness of this subject and initiative will go a long way towards making India a sustainable nation and largely reducing the country’s oil import bills.

In August 2019, the government had announced that all state-run oil marketing companies will procure all the biodiesel produced from used cooking oil for three years.

The government is counting on the citizens to contribute the discarded used cooking oil and thereby help India’s air become healthier and its oil-import bill cheaper. The objective is to make this a national endeavor in order to prevent health hazards and any further environmental damage. For the next 3 years, oil firms run by the states will procure used cooking oil in the wake of awareness around alternate sources of energy. Karnataka is the first state in the country to widely use biofuel in state-run buses.

Biodiesel is non-toxic, free of any aromatic content, and is biodegradable. It is a clean fuel and can be blended with other forms of oil. 

The Government Launched a Portal to Trace the Source of Used Cooking Oil

In an attempt to promote the utilization of used cooking oil (UCO) for generating biodiesel, the government has created an ecosystem called Repurpose Used Cooking Oil (RUCO). This would facilitate tracing the source of used vegetable oil that is being converted to biofuel. The portal displays information about the collection and conversion of used cooking oil.

Future plan

In a bid to encourage the biofuel sector, Petroleum and Natural Gas Minister Dharmendra Pradhan had said, “Biodiesel is a low hanging fruit in the scheme of alternate source of energies and the abundant raw material is available for the purpose.” The Minister added,“It is a good waste-to-wealth concept.”

Currently, around 850 crore liters of diesel is being consumed every month in India. The government is aiming to blend 5 percent of biodiesel with diesel by 2030. Hence,500 crore liters of biodiesel needs to generate in one year. In India, 2700 crore liters of cooking oil is consumed out of which 140 crore liters of used cooking oil can be collected from commercial eateries such as hotels, restaurants, and canteens for conversion. This will help generate around 110 crore liters of biodiesel each year.

The remaining cooking oil consumption happens in households. Often, the used cooking oil is discarded in the drain and this endangers the environment. Therefore, the government is insistent on building awareness amongst the Indian households to collect and contribute used cooking oil for conversion to biodiesel.

Biofuel is preferred over the burning of conventional fuel as the latter is the primary cause of global warming. Therefore, rather than rejecting used cooking oil, collect it in a bottle or container and contribute it to Aris Bioenergy. Let us join hands in generating BioDiesel and creating a healthier India!

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