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Oil Pollution & Its Hazardous Consequences

Oil pollution is the biggest threat to the world. Oil pollution is one of the most dreadful pollutions that immediately damages marine life. There are various reasons why oil pollution takes place, such as littering the beach sides, throwing garbage in the oceans, oil tanker leaks, dumping industrial waste, and much more.

Oil spills in water bodies frequently kill whales, dolphins, sea otters, and countless other marine life. When the oil meets the water bodies, it immediately starts choking marine creatures with its thick substance.

If you feel like turning a blind eye to this problem, then you must know that the oil spills in the water bodies indirectly go to our stomachs with more toxic elements. Oil and other things like plastics and industrial waste contaminate the water and the same water gets used for agricultural purposes, or the fish we consume is filled with oil. 

The most powerful weapons to kill marine life are plastic and oil that we humans tend to use a lot. Let’s keep the oil that spills from the breakage of the vessel aside and let’s talk about our contribution to polluting water bodies daily. You must have eaten street-side food at least once in your life right? Have you ever wondered what happens to the oil sitting on that huge Kadai? The oil gets used again and again until it becomes rancid. Oftentimes, the food that you munch on is usually fried in toxic oil. However, the vendors pour the used cooking oil into the sewage which flows through the different water bodies leaving them polluted.

But what we humans don’t realize is that it is a cycle. What we consume, we throw it away in nature, and mother nature throws it back to us. It’s high time we take some action, or we might have to watch our marine life perish in the upcoming decades.

So, the best way to avoid oil pollution is to join the #HarGharHealthy campaign.

It is always a better idea to take baby steps towards making our earth healthy.

All you have to do is follow these 3 easy steps:

1) Collect the used cooking oil and store it in a safe container.

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