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Marriage Season & Used Cooking Oil Consumption

The consequences of consuming used cooking oil are numerous. Consuming used cooking oil increases radicals in the body which causes inflammation. It also leads to life-threatening diseases like diabetes, heart disease, and obesity. UCO (Used Cooking Oil) is perhaps the greatest danger to people and the environment in today’s time.

According to the latest news report, it is proclaimed that India is noticing a reduction in consumption of edible oil and tea. Due to the extreme and prolonged heatwaves in the country, the consumption of edible oil is impacted. As people are trying to avoid oily food in this blazing summer, the consumption of used cooking oil is reduced by 3%-4% from April last year. But this shouldn’t be celebrated as there is a potential threat awaiting.

Recently the price of edible oil has skyrocketed due to the ongoing war situation. The current situation not only concerned people about the price but also about the reusing of cooking oil. As there is an inflation in the price of cooking oil, there will be a heavy chance that people will consume used cooking extensively. While the inflamed price of edible oil was already infuriating the world, now the wedding season is also adding up to that.

The wedding season might become the reason for the heavy consumption of edible oil. During the wedding season, demand for used cooking oil escalates. However, it also spawns alarming consequences for health as well as the environment. Indian weddings are incomplete without devouring snacks like samosas, chaat, namkeen, etc. And these snacks are mainly deep-fried in oil. The oil that is used for frying snacks will be used again to save up the money, and the remaining rancid oil will be poured down the drain. It is not only hazardous to humans but also to the environment. While we drool over jalebis, samosas, and chaat, we forget how every bite of that will impact our body. Moreover, we forget how that used cooking oil is going to impact mother Earth.

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