You are currently viewing Virat Kohli says to us all – Zara RUCO – Read to know why

Virat Kohli says to us all – Zara RUCO – Read to know why

RUCO is the abbreviation for Repurpose Used of Cooking Oil. RUCO promotes and supports the conversion of used cooking oil (UCO) into biofuel.  A path-breaking and much-needed initiative by FSSAI. To popularise this important concept the Food Safety and Standards Authority of India (FSSAI) brought the Captain of the Indian Cricket team on board.

Virat Kohli shoulders the responsibility of making all of us – billion Indians proud every time he steps on the cricket field. As a responsible Indian and citizen, he facilitated creating awareness of the RUCO concept. A small effort of contributing Used Cooking Oil (UCO) leads to several benefits. Better health. Increased Fuel-efficiency. Reduction of foreign exchange expenditure. A greener cleaner and richer India. When we take it seriously the RUCO movement can help India reclaim its title as ‘SONE KI CHIDIYA’.

The best part of RUCO is to save us from a very harmful health hazard that causes many chronic illnesses. The RUCO Initiative will not only make India ‘Swachh’ (clean) and ‘Swastha’ (healthy) but also ‘Atmanirbhar’.

UCO causes health hazards. There is a lack of cleaner or better options of disposing of UCO for most Indians. UCO is poured directly into drains or emptying it into water bodies. The worst situation comes when it is sold to road-side vendors where they reuse it for cooking food. This causes the sewerage systems to block and degenerate. The spillages in water bodies cause extensive environmental damage. Selling it to roadside vendors poses huge health hazards. To name a few Cancer, Liver failure, Alzheimer’s are few dangerous diseases caused by repeated use of cooking oil. UCO damages our world on the outside and our health from the inside.

To safeguard consumer health, FSSAI has fixed a limit for Total Polar Compounds at 25 percent beyond which the vegetable oil shall not be used for cooking. RUCO, launched by FSSAI, provides an ecosystem that will enable the collection and conversion of UCO to highly valuable and eco-friendly biodiesel.

Consumers can give their Used Cooking Oil to authorized aggregators of Used Cooking Oil who will, in turn, give it to the Biodiesel Manufactures. Biodiesel generated by UCO will be used for blending with Diesel. Such fuel is cleaner and greener. India is one of the largest consumers of vegetable oil and so has the potential to recover almost 220 crore liters of Used Cooking Oil (UCO) for the production of biodiesel by the year 2022.

  • Health benefits by avoiding ill effects of UCO
  • Green Employment and economic growth
  • Infrastructure investment in Rural Areas
  • Cleaner environment with a reduced carbon footprint
  • Reduction of import dependency

The RUCO movement will bring:

RUCO encourages a shift towards a circular economy model with health, environmental and economic benefits. In developed countries, the application of UCO to produce biodiesel is prevalent for many years. In the Aviation sector of the US, biodiesel is blended with fossil fuel.

Since India consumes about 23 million tonnes of cooking oil, it ought to be a major user of UCO, unfortunately, only three million tonnes of UCO is recovered. The reason for this gap is the cooking culture of our country.

In India, commercial users of oil hotels, restaurants, bakeries, and snack makers as well as domestic households do not dispose of the oil once it is used. Instead, it is preserved. Re-used several times. The disposal methods are equally hazardous such as pouring sticky burnt oil into drains and water bodies.

Food made in toxic and harmful used cooking oil makes its way into our bodies regularly. Indians are eating toxic food several times over thus exposing themselves to chronic ailments.

You can stop this horrendous cycle today. Right now. As a responsible citizen of India and the planet, you can begin your donation of Used Cooking Oil with just one phone call/email. Contact us. Our email address is or call us on +91 7304745554

The Aris BioEnergy team will collect UCO from your door-step in the most eco-friendly and energy-efficient manner. Collaborate and participate with Aris BioEnergy.

We aim to develop a robust ecosystem to enable the collection and conversion of used cooking oil to biofuel. Recycle and re-use is the mantra for eco-friendly living. The best way to dispose of UCO is to convert it into bio-diesel. From frying pan to the fuel tank.

Waste to Wealth. Biodiesel is an alternative fuel to conventional diesel. The best part is it is 85% less polluting than conventional diesel.

Follow our 3 simple Cs – Cook > Collect > Contribute. We will do the rest.

Your contribution and our methods will enable India to become greener, cleaner and healthier.

One day when you see Virat Kohli you can also say to him “RUCO Zara Nahi, RUCO Hamesha/ Zyaada”.