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Work from Home and Changing Food Habits

Most of the working professionals have been indoors for more than a year. Work from home has changed the way we look at the world, including our work. One is glued to the laptop and mobile phone for a longer duration and the screen-time has increased significantly. Physical activity has also been missing from our daily schedule. ‘The new normal’ was initially embraced by us with reluctance but then we saw social media getting swamped with pictures of delicious-looking food items, as every house seemed to have found its own ‘master-chef’. When we are working long hours, there is a craving that we experience and this leads to the spontaneous ordering of samosa, chole bhature, aloo tikki, and other fried items.

Consistent consumption of junk food and fried food items can lead to serious health ailments like diabetes, hypertension, and obesity which are rampant in India. When we are confined to our homes working all day long, it can be quite stressful. In the current scenario, one is not able to step out for a walk or visit one’s favorite eating spot. We tend to eat unhealthy food when we are stressed. Comfort food often comprises junk food high in sugar or carbohydrates. So we usually end up ordering fried items and junk food that can give our body the much-needed dopamine rush.

These food items are high in sugar and other saturated fats. Hence, they are very poor in nutrition value.  Since they are mostly prepared in reused cooking oil, they are very unhealthy and harmful to the body. Nutritionists maintain that it’s necessary to keep a watch over your diet, especially fried food items. But one does feel hungry, especially when working from home and sitting in front of the laptop for long hours. The thumb rule is to say no to junk food, especially because the street food and fried food that is being prepared is drenched in used cooking oil, repeated consumption of which can lead to serious ailments.

Like we plan our daily work, we can also plan the daily food intake. It helps us to stay disciplined and keep our junk food intake under check.

Overall, it’s important to focus on healthy foods that keep one fuller throughout the day and help improve productivity.