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#HarGharHealthy Campaign and Aris BioEnergy

The pandemic has added to the truth of this hashtag. Good health is the foremost priority and more so now, in the present scenario. Covid-19 and such other ailments are the enemies we need to battle and win over. On the other hand, there is another enemy that has taken residence right inside our kitchen shelves – Reused cooking oil.

Oil is a vital ingredient of most Indian dishes, be it the regular tadkas or the occasional samosas. Have you ever paid attention to the cooking oil and how many times you reheat the oil that has already been used for deep frying or shallow frying?

Many households employ this practice in order to reduce wastage and also save money. But do you know that food cooked in reused cooking oil is extremely hazardous to health?

A celebrity lifestyle coach, Luke Coutinho, in one of his live sessions on Facebook highlighted that REUSING oil is outright dangerous for the health. The facts are crystal clear around the reuse of oil. Reusing cooking oil causes it to become CARCINOGENIC – in simpler words CANCER CAUSING. Obesity, diabetes, liver damage, and heart diseases too are the result of reusing and reheating oil. Preparing food with reused cooking oil can increase free radicals in the body which can cause inflammation. This reduces immunity and makes one prone to infections. We are well aware of how important it is to have a healthy immune system.

When not reheated, used cooking oil is discarded in the most deleterious way. The majority of Indians dispose off used oil by streaming it into the drain. This clogs the drainage system. Choking of drains leads to flooding in the city. This is a major cause of concern in Mumbai and many other cities. Oil and especially solid grease combined with non-bio-degradable materials like wet wipes, diapers, pads, etc form “fatbergs” in some sewer systems. This damages the infrastructure and increases the costs for the Government. Undoing this damage incurs heavy losses for the taxpayers who are contributing their hard-earned money to the government.

As an Eco-start-up company, we understand these threats. Hence, we intend to convert millions of tons of used cooking oil to biodiesel. We aim to generate Biodiesel and benefit society as a whole. The intent is to promote health, reduce carbon emissions, reduce waste and create green jobs.

The Indian Biodiesel Association has been asked by the FSSAI (Food Safety and Standards Authority of India) to create a nationwide eco-system that collects used cooking oil and converts it into biodiesel. Thus, FSSAI has launched ‘Repurpose Used Cooking Oil’ (RUCO) – an ecosystem that simplifies the collection and conversion of used cooking oil to biodiesel. This strategic approach ensures good health and welfare for all the 130-crore citizens of India, aiding energy security, climate change mitigation eventually leading to environmentally sustainable development.

On an average year, indian masses consume around 23-million tons of cooking oil. There lies a potential to recover about 3 million tons of edible oil for producing bio-diesel.

During Diwali alone, usage of oil reaches the summit including excessive re-use as well. Small vendors purchase reused oil from bigger restaurants to cut costs. People devour mouth-watering jalebis and other sweets which are loaded with harmful carcinogens and chemicals. We need to protect ourselves and our loved ones from such unsafe practices. Due to our consistent effort of trying to create awareness around the prevalent perilous practices and the benefits of bio-diesel, we have been able to successfully register 500 plus individuals with many commercial eateries having signed up in Diwali 2020 itself.

Join the #HarGharHealthy Campaign TODAY! Don’t wait any further.

3 simple steps for you:

COOK: Cook in the oil as usual. Make sure you heat the oil only once and not more than that. Do not re-use it even for regular tadka.

COLLECT: Pour the leftover oil, into a container of your choice. Oil can be mixed, whether used for frying pakoras or fish, or sweets. As soon as even a liter of used cooking oil is collected in the container, please contact us

CONTRIBUTE: Once you reach out to us, a doorstep pick-up will be arranged for your contribution.

Cook – Collect – Contribute – REPEAT

We will notch it up with one more C- Convert it to biodiesel. Aris BioEnergy looks forward to partnering with you.

FSSAI has asked the State Food Safety Commissioners to provide education programs and carry out the surveillance and enforcement activities for the new set of regulations.

The government also acknowledges the dangers of reused cooking oil both as a health and as an infrastructure hazard. As a home-maker, you must ensure the safety of your family. Reduce wastage by cooking with less oil and making smaller portions. Don’t Re-use.

Remember, if the oil used for frying, is thick, dark, and greasy – Don’t use it. If the used oil is very smoky, don’t use it. These parameters are important indicators. Re-used oil is a slow-killer.

All you have to do is store used oil in any container once it’s a little cooler. Make your ‘Ghar’ part of the #HarGharHealthy campaign. Even an individual household can register for this pick-up. WhatsApp us on 7304745554 for registration and details. Used cooking oil will be collected from your doorstep. You are one message away from creating – A Greener and Cleaner planet for yourself and your children.

For any queries, please visit the website

The pandemic crisis has wreaked havoc on humanity, as a whole. Aware and responsible global citizens are the much-needed changemakers, now more than ever. Partner with us and do your bit.