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Biofuel and its Applications

Biofuel is known to be a very efficient alternative to fossil fuels. There are many other advantages of Biofuel as well. Besides being used for transportation, biofuel can also provide hydrogen, clean up oil, can be used as fuel for cooking, and much more. 


Across the world, transport consumes around 24% of energy and around 60% of absorbed oil. This implies that more than one-third of oil is used for operating vehicles. The primary challenge with solar, wind, and other alternative powers are not fit to be used for transportation. According to experts, impactful breakthroughs in technology advances are still decades away. 

In such a scenario, biofuel can be turned into a hydrogen stream that is used in an adjoining fuel cell. 

Generating Energy

Fuel cells can generate power. Biofuel can assist in power generation in backup systems where emission matters the most. This includes facilities such as schools, hospitals, and other infrastructure located in residential areas.

Provide Heat

Biofuel can be used for heating and power generation purposes. Bioheat has grown in popularity in the last few years. You can use biofuel as home heating oil in both domestic and commercial boilers. A blend of biodiesel, when used, will reduce the emission of both nitrogen and sulfur dioxide.

Charging Electronics

As per scientists, for research purposes, the fuel cell was developed with cooking oil and sugar to generate electricity. Customers may also be able to use fuel cells in place of batteries to charge anything from computers to cell phones. While this study is still under process and the learnings are being developed, it’s confirmed that cells have the potential to become a ready source of power.

Cleans Oil Spills and Grease

 Biofuel is known to be environmental-friendly. It can also help clean up oil spills and grease. It has been tested to work as a potential cleaning agent for areas where crude oil had contaminated the waters.

The research results proved that it made a significant difference and enabled the removal of crude oil from the water. Biofuel can also be used as an industrial solvent for cleaning metal, owing to its non-toxic nature. 


While kerosene is the most commonly used fuel for stoves, biodiesel is also equally good and can be used.


Biofuel improves fuel lubricity and raises the cetane number of the fuel. Diesel fuel is required to reduce the sulfur concentration. This is important when it comes to keeping the engine properly functioning and avoiding premature failure.

Helps in Removal of Paint and Adhesives

Products which are used for paint removal are generally very toxic. They are strong because they need to dilute the paint. Biofuel is an excellent replacement for smaller-scale and non-critical applications. 

Enables the Creation of Energy, in the Absence of Fossil Fuel

As the oil supply is beginning to exhaust, one is forced to question how the extraction of fuel is going to happen in the near future, without destroying the environment. In the present scenario, biofuel will help the government create a more stable method of producing cost-effective energy.

Reduce Costs and the Need to Import Oil

According to analysts, replacing imported oil with biofuel will help to stabilize the economy in the long run. Minimizing the heavy oil import costs will positively impact the country’s overall economy.