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Used Cooking Oil Collection Centres of Aris BioEnergy

The Biodiesel sector is unexplored majorly. We at Aris BioEnergy aim to provide the advantages of biodiesel to the nation by setting up used cooking oil collection centres across India.

In the year 2021, India consumed an estimated amount of over 22 million metric tons of vegetable oil. According to the reports, India ranks third in the world for oil consumption. Ever wondered, what happens to 90% of that oil? It goes down the drain and streams through the sewage.

As India is prominent for its delectable Indian delicacies, most of the food items are deep-fried such as samosas, vada pavs, jalebis, and many more. Indians are the foodies. We can’t resist delicious food. But because we are fascinated with food, we tend to turn a blind eye to the toxic components it comprises.

Used cooking oil is a slow poison that we consume every day, and along with us, mother nature consumes it too. The number of damages humans have done to marine life is countless. If we don’t start to consider taking strict and considerable actions towards this issue, then it is estimated that in upcoming years marine life will perish.

Used cooking oil damages the human body to the utmost with its toxic components. Life-threatening diseases like heart disease, diabetes, cholesterol, obesity, and much more occur due to the daily consumption of used cooking oil.

We at Aris Bioenergy, understand the significance of safeguarding the Earth, that’s why we persistently work in this profession to collect used cooking oil as much as possible. The used cooking oil which we collect is later converted into BioDiesel. Collecting cooking oil and providing it to us will not only improve the world and your health but will also allow you to earn. Yes, you read it right. You can collect your used cooking oil in substantial amounts and sell it to us.

If you want to contribute to making the Earth healthy, join us in this powerful mission to make #HarGharHealthy. Also, if you wish to sell your used cooking oil, kindly make sure to store it safely, and it should be in a substantial amount. Our collection points are located in various parts of India. We are spread across the major metros in India.

As of now, In Maharashtra, we have our used cooking oil collection centres in Mumbai, Pune, Nagpur, Nashik, and Kolhapur. In Gujrat, we have our collection centre in Ahmedabad. Telangana and Delhi are centred to collect the oil from the east and north of India respectively. 

If any Food aggregators want to join us in this mission, they can dial us at +91 7304745554 or email us at