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Cooking Without Oil, Is It Possible?

Food makes everyone delighted. Cooking is an art that requires extraordinary skills. But along with cooking knowledge about ingredients that goes into cooking is vital too. If something goes wrong, the food can taste awful. People who are food enthusiasts know that most delicious food is either cooked or fried in oil.

If you aspire to be healthy you must start by noticing what’s being served on your plate. Eating healthy will not only help you look young but it will make you feel young too. Eating healthy keeps you away from chronic diseases. One of the key ingredients for tasty Indian food is oil. Indian cuisine is almost incomplete with oil. But do you know how much oil you consume every day? And the most poisonous ingredient that is used while cooking most junk food is used cooking oil.

Are you looking for ways to pave the way for a healthy lifestyle? Then stop consuming slow poison. Used cooking oil (UCO) is one of the biggest monsters hiding in your food. Reheating oil releases toxic components from the oil which makes it harmful. Frequent consumption of used cooking oil can give you severe health problems such as heart diseases, diabetes, cholesterol, obesity, etc. Do you know there are various alternatives for oil that you can cook in order to stay healthy?

1) Non-stick utensils:

Invest in a top-notch quality non-stick pan. You can cook your food with minimal or no cooking oil in non-stick pans. Subsequently, you will get yummy and healthy food.

2) Roast or bake:

Roasting or baking is one of the ideal ways to make your food healthier as it doesn’t vaporize too much nutrition from your food. For instance – Roasted papads are way healthier than fried ones.

3) Saute –

When you cook your food in non-stick pans, you can saute the veggies, and it will cook perfectly without any oil. And with meats, meats can be cooked with their own fat so, you don’t need any additional fat. Plus, caramelized veggies taste better. All you have to do is saute the veggies from all sides. Adding butter or oil might increase the cooking process, but if you aim to reduce the oil consumption then it’s better to not add any. 

4) Steaming:

Steaming is one of the best ways to cook your food without adding fats. Steamed food tastes better and keeps you healthy.

You might be wondering these are just some alternatives for cooking, what about frying?

1) If you are adamant about reducing oil consumption completely then you can also opt for an air fryer which requires a very less amount of oil.

2) If you are a food enthusiast and do not want to compromise the taste, then you can fry in fresh oil. Using fresh oil for cooking & frying reduces unnumbered chances of health problems. Along with other health problems, using used cooking oil is also the biggest culprit for causing food poisoning.

You might be wondering what you should do with the leftover oil?

The biggest mistake people make is that they pour the used cooking oil into the sink. This practice not only creates problems for humans but the environment too.

The best way to dispose of used cooking oil is:

1) Collect the used cooking oil and store it in a safe container.

2) Call us at +91 7304745554 or email us at

3) We will send a pickup service and collect the oil from you which will later be used for the production of biofuels.