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Ill effects of Used Cooking Oil on Health

Cooking oil is one of the most important and widely used ingredients in every kitchen. It not only enhances the flavor of the food and also, drastically elevates the taste as well. And being such an important component of cooking, cooking oil being frequently reused in many Indian households is a common sight. Once the food is cooked or fried, the excess cooking oil from the pan is stored in a separate container and repurposed, reused, and reheated multiple times while cooking every day. The intention behind this practice is to save time, money and also, the strong belief Indians have against ‘wasting’ food.

But in this process of reusing the used cooking oil, we often forget how extremely unsafe it is! This dangerous and highly ignored practice in every home makes the oil poisonous to consume.

But ever wondered, what happens when edible oil is repeatedly used and reheated?

Many studies tell us that reheating cooking oil can release harmful toxins, increase the percentage of trans- fats in it, become rancid, gives rise to free radicals, and give rise to some very harmful reactions. Because when the cooking oil is repeated used and fried, it leads to the formation of Total Polar Compound (TPC) which makes it unfit for human consumption. Moreover, due to constant reheating, the formulation, physicochemical and nutritional properties of the oil are drastically affected too.

And this continuous cycle of reheating oil, eventually, takes a toll on people’s health.

But ever wondered, what are the ill effects of reused cooking oil on health?

  • It makes the cooking oil toxic and carcinogenic

Research shows that reheated oil produces toxic elements like aldehydes. Consuming such oil causes high inflammation in the body and makes it more prone to infections. The reheating process further makes the oil carcinogenic and has the possibility of causing cancer.

  • It releases toxic elements which gives it a bad odour

Every time oil is reheated, the fat molecules in it keep breaking down, eventually, reaching its smoke point and giving off a bad smell. And every time the oil is reused, this process continues, making the oil more and more rancid and odourful.

  • It affects the heart

The food cooked and consumed in reheated oil increases the LDL levels (bad cholesterol) in the body leading to increased risks of getting a stroke or chest pain.

These are not the only risks as other health concerns involved with eating food in reheated cooking oil are Acidity, Obesity, High Blood Pressure, Weight Gain, Diabetes, Cataracts, and other ailments… And therefore, it is essential to strictly regulate the reusability of cooking oil at domestic as well as restaurants. And at the same time make the proper estimate on the oil required for cooking to lead a healthy life.

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