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Ways to Align Your Restaurant With Sustainability Movement

Consumer trends drive the market and Food Business Operators are no exception. With increasing awareness of healthy food, cooking patterns, and products have changed significantly. However, the new trends also indicate the preference of consumers for businesses that align themselves with the sustainability movement.

  1. Research shows that there’s a 50% increased likelihood of a consumer choosing a restaurant with environment-friendly practices. However, what does it really mean for a food business to be more sustainable? Choosing a healthier menu, with responsible upcycling of food. This ensures that the food is both cost-efficient, offers a wider range of delicacies, and is also healthier due to lesser fats and frying.
  2. Choosing the right (biodegradable) packaging material might increase the cost a little, but most aware consumers do not mind it. In fact, too much plastic and packaging waste can be a significant put-off to a lot of buyers.
  3. A predetermined place for excess food in your restaurant allows for you to contribute to food banks and other such initiatives. This sort of initiative makes the consumer appreciate that while daily operations might lead to extra food, your business isn’t wasteful. Subconsciously or not, most consumers appreciate responsible businesses.
  4. Ordering local and homegrown produce is another factor that can allow a business to be more aligned with sustainability. Do you purchase your farm produce locally? It not only creates a healthier environment, but also means fresher food, and lesser packaging material. It means fewer carbon emissions in transport, and less energy spends on in-commute storage and preservation.
  5. Recycling and Repurposing of Used Cooking Oil (UCO) for biodiesel manufacturing. If you run a large food outlet, you need to plan the disposal of used cooking oil properly. Preventing accidents, offering health-aware fried food, not causing oil spills, and contributing to the manufacture of biodiesel, are significant ways to align A Food Business Operative with the sustainability movement.

While UCO might look like a very insignificant component, because it is something the end consumer often doesn’t get to witness directly, it can cause a significant impact on not just the environment, but also your own business. So, it is important to ensure that your business ties up with a collection agency that can ensure that your UCO is repurposed to biodiesel.

If you want to know more about how UCO can be repurposed, and the importance of biodiesel, read here.

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