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Impact of Used Cooking Oil on Environment

Used Cooking Oil (UCO) poses an imminent threat to health and the environment. It is rampantly used in every Indian household and this makes the danger even more inexorable.

During frying, several properties of the cooking oil are altered. Total Polar Compounds (TPC) are formed on repeated frying. The toxicity of these compounds creates several life-threatening diseases such as hypertension, atherosclerosis, Alzheimer’s disease, liver diseases, and Cancer. Therefore, it is imperative to monitor the quality of vegetable oils while cooking. In the interest of avoiding wastage and saving a few bucks, Indian households, unfortunately, are inviting trouble by reusing cooking oil.

ARIS BioEnergy is an Eco start-up formed with the dual intent of making society a healthier place to live in and generating green energy by converting used cooking oil. Aris BioEnergy Pvt. Ltd and Green Fuels UK have signed an MoU to set up a biodiesel refining joint venture in India. Green Fuels UK is the world’s leading distributed-scale biodiesel and advanced biofuels company.

We are associated with RUCO. FASSI has launched ‘Repurpose Used Cooking Oil’ (RUCO) – an ecosystem to enable the collection and conversion of used cooking oil to biodiesel. We divert Used Cooking Oil from the food value chain and curb a huge health hazard.

Since 1st July 2018, all Food Business Operators (FBOs) are required to monitor the quality of oil used for cooking and comply with the said regulations. FSSAI is implementing the ‘EEE Strategy, i.e, Education Enforcement Ecosystem’. The “EEE” Strategy approach ensures good health and welfare for all 130-crore citizens, aiding energy security, climate change mitigation eventually leading to environmentally sustainable development.

We at Aris BioEnergy recognize the looming threat of reusing cooking oil and are committed to helping our country advance on the path of green energy production.

Used cooking oil from restaurants and hotels & households – especially during the festive season when kitchens are the busiest – could be converted into biodiesel for eventual blending with diesel, resulting in a greener fuel.

Apart from being a health hazard, used cooking oil causes major damage to the infrastructure. Most Indians dispose off the used oil by pouring it into the drain. This clogs the drainage system. Oil and especially solid grease combined with non-bio-degradable material create huge blocks. This congestion cannot be undone easily. It requires very expensive equipment thus leading to wastage of the taxpayer’s money, which is used for repairs and reconstruction.

The children of today deserve to breathe in fresh air and experience life on a greener, healthier planet. Our intent is to create such a world.

Instead of consuming food cooked in harmful re-used oil to save money or avoid wastage, contribute the used oil for conversion to Biodiesel. This will be the most valuable contribution that you would be making to mother nature besides safeguarding your family’s health.

Biodiesel is 85% less polluting than conventional diesel. Thus, as mentioned earlier the government of India has taken a mandate of a 5% blend with conventional diesel in the National Biofuel Policy. Biodiesel is the only alternative fuel that significantly reduces emissions of carbon monoxide, particulate matter, unburned hydrocarbons, and sulfates compared to petroleum diesel fuel.

Biodiesel is produced from vegetable oils and used cooking oils Fuel is produced by transesterification—a process that converts fats and oils into biodiesel and glycerine (a byproduct)

It is a renewable fuel that can be generated with ease and reduces the pressure on depleting natural resources.

At Monaco Better World Forum, Cannes 2019, we won the ‘’Waste to Energy Award” for being The Most Committed Company for Sustainability. This event was sponsored by ETNow. Our efforts in saving more than 1500 tons of CO2 by converting used cooking oil to biodiesel were highly appreciated.

In India, Biodiesel is of strategic importance for ensuring the country’s energy balance and security. Aligning well with the ongoing initiatives of the Government such as ‘Make in India’ and ‘Swachh Bharat Abhiyan’, generating Bio-diesel offers a great opportunity to integrate the ideas of enriching our farmers’ income, reducing oil imports, creating jobs and wealth from waste.

Start reducing your carbon footprint by storing the used cooking oil in a container. That’s it. No clogging of your arteries and drainage systems. We will arrange to pick up the used cooking oil from your doorstep.

Just cook, collect the oil and commit to contributing it. To know more, please call or WhatsApp on 7304745554.

Let’s create a win-win model for people and the planet. Become our partner today.