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Water Pollution: The Biggest Threat To The Environment

Water pollution is one of the biggest menaces to the environment. Roughly around 80% of the world’s wastewater goes back into the environment polluting the oceans, rivers, and lakes. Humans are the prime perpetrator of causing human disasters by frequently causing harm to the environment. Have you ever wondered, why fishes suffocate and die?

The amount of garbage and oil we discard into the water bodies such as rivers, seas, oceans, etc. harms marine life. Two common culprits for damaging marine life are plastic and used cooking oil. Humans often forget the significant rule of life which is what goes around comes around. Water pollution is jeopardizing human and marine life’s health.

Unfortunately, animals are not as smart and selfish as humans, that’s why hundreds of marine wildlife such as whales, seabirds, fishes, etc. misinterpret plastics with their prey and end up consuming them. The plastic entangles in their stomach and they starve to death. Just like that, even oil and grease that we discard into the water bodies end up choking the marine life with its toxic components and thick Slick. Every year thousands of mammals die and it is estimated that if marine life continues to die at this pace they will soon perish in upcoming decades.

But now that mother nature is unveiling her wounds caused by humans such as global warming, loss of biodiversity, ozone layer depletion and much more. Humans are becoming alert to its rough consequences in the future.

Given below are the top 5 ways to prevent water pollution for a better future:

1) Eliminate Plastic – Adopt a sustainable lifestyle. Try and control plastic usage from day-to-day life. Plastics usually harm nature and eventually harm humans too. One of the main reasons why marine life and other animals die after consuming plastics is because it is hard to digest and they end up choking the animal to death. The only way to stop harming animals with plastic is to find alternatives to plastic such as cloth bags.

2) Stop Pouring Used Cooking Oil – Another biggest human mistake is that we often discard our used cooking oil down the drain because people are unaware of the rough consequences of it. People don’t know what to do with the used cooking oil and end up pouring the grease and oil into the drain. But later, it clogs the pipeline and clogs the sewer pipes too. Not only that, but the used cooking oil flows through the local water bodies and contaminates fish and other marine life.

3) Avoid Medical Waste Disposal – Flushing expired medicines or unwanted medicines can have harmful effects on animals as well as humans. The drugs diffuse in the water and cause various health problems in animals, birds, and marine life. Later, the contaminated water gets used by humans for drinking purposes and other things.

4) Enrol in Activities – Enrol yourself in beach clean-up activities. The more education & execution about beach clean-up, the merrier the beaches will be.

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