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Environment and Our Social Responsibility – Can Biodiesel Help Us Expedite Our Pace?

The environment is no longer just a concern. It’s a critical aspect of our lives. All around the globe, scientists, activists, governments, and citizens are increasingly suffering from the impact of the greenhouse effect, pollution, non-biodegradable waste, and other such issues. There are a lot of initiatives and efforts being made in order to improve the climate and environment situation.

However, a sustainable environment is not something that governments or NGOs can achieve alone. Ultimately, the climate is a collective social responsibility! Let’s have a look at how biodiesel can help us expedite our pace towards a sustainable environment.

  1. Biodiesel is an advanced biofuel and can be a great alternative for those who use diesel. The best part is that it can be used in modern diesel engines without modification.
  2. Biodiesel reduces greenhouse gas emissions. It reduces this emission by anywhere between 56% to 86% depending on the raw material and this effectively means that carbon pollution can be reduced by approximately 75.5 million metric tons. This is equivalent to the planting of almost 2 Bn trees. Imagine the scale!
  3. Biodiesel is non-toxic. It’s made from biodegradable sources and reduces particulate matter significantly. It reduces particulate matter by up to 47% and hydrocarbon emission by up to 67%. Smog automatically goes down, thus preventing the ill effects of air pollution significantly.
  4. It’s equally important to consider that biodiesel returns a high amount of energy per unit.  Further, it has the ability to reduce wastewater by 79% and up to 96% hazardous waste. This is in comparison with petroleum diesel.
  5. The most underrated, but one of the most significant benefits of biodiesel is that it allows for the scope to reprocess domestic bio-waste like used cooking oil. Used cooking oil is not only hazardous for health, but also leads to the clogging of drains, and sewer lines. Especially in economies like those of the Asia Pacific and other developing nations, this is a significant impact on the living conditions of people.

No matter how we analyze it, biodiesel is a very significant way to ensure our social responsibility. The more we can make the switch from petroleum diesel to biodiesel, the more significantly, the impact will be visible on the change in the environment. Want to know how you can contribute to a cleaner environment and towards reprocessing your used cooking oil? Visit our Frequently Asked Questions page.

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