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Swasth Bharat – India’s Initiative For Used Cooking Oil

As the majority of the globe knows, consuming used cooking oil is no less than consuming poison. Used cooking oil is a lurking monster that can potentially kill you by causing severe health issues. Not only did numerous experts but many public figures like Virat Kohli have urged people to stop consuming used cooking oil.

Indian cuisine is widely famous for its delicious food all over the globe. India is famous for its flavorsome dishes like samosas, chaats, Jalebis, and much more. But what we don’t know is that these dishes are mainly deep-fried, and quite often it is deep-fried in used cooking oil. Now imagine the amount of oil these dishes soak and go into your stomach. Feeling disgusted? If imagining disturbs you then think about the amount of food cooked in used cooking oil you have already eaten.

Not just consuming is harmful but discarding the used cooking oil irresponsibly is hazardous to the environment as well as to humans. For instance, if you throw the used cooking oil in the garbage there are plenty of chances that it can ignite a fire, and if you discard it in the sink, it can lead to sewage/ drainage blockage. These are the two common ways to discard the used cooking oil and both ways are hazardous for humans as well as for the environment. 

Numerous FSSAI guidelines and laws prohibit reheating of cooking oil. FSSAI has been taking strict actions against restaurants and food sellers who use used cooking oil. According to FSSAI’s guidelines that were implemented in 2019, states that reheating and reusing cooking oil is prohibited. In case the oil is reheated it should not be used more than 3 times. The TPC (Total polar compounds) should not be above 25%. Beyond 25% TPC, the oil will be considered to be unsafe for consumption.

FSSAI has notified Food & Drug Administration (FDA) departments in all states of India to ensure that all eateries using more than 50 liters of oil must comply with the rules. These laws were brought into effect considering the repercussions of used cooking oil.

We often blame the Government if there are any food poisoning cases but we turn a blind eye to our actions. For the food we consume even after knowing how harmful it is, we blame the Government for it. Let’s take responsibility for our actions. Let’s work on making ‘Swasth Bharat‘. You can join our #HarGharHealthy campaign if you wish to keep your health intact and see our mother earth healthier.