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Healthy Me, Healthy Environment – #HarGharHealthy

Health is wealth, no doubt why this is one of the most famous proverbs in the world. Keeping yourself healthy will also keep you free from chronic diseases. One of the best ways to stay healthy is to eat healthily. Junk foods can be tempting but also lurks the deadly monster that causes severe health problems. Eating healthy and working out are the only best ways to keep yourself healthy.

If you are someone striving to get a fit body, then you have to track down what you’re eating. You have to keep an eye on ingredients that go in your food. One of the biggest culprits hiding in your food is used cooking oil. Almost every dish’s key ingredient is oil but ever wondered why your food tastes weird when it is cooked in used cooking oil? It is because of toxic components it releases when the oil is reheated multiple times.

Monsoon, the season of love and bliss is also the season of devouring yummylicious food. This is the time when one must be careful with what they are consuming. Because monsoon is also the time when people have the potential to get sick because of the cold, weather change, germs, and junk food. Of course, nothing tastes better than the streetside Vada pavs and bhajiyas while it drizzles, but it is one the prime reasons to land you in the hospital. The amount of toxic components used in cooking oil comprises is enough to give people food poisoning and other severe health issues.

Even if you consume junk food outside or at home, you will fall sick if you continue to eat food that is cooked in rancid oil. Used cooking oil is nothing but a slow poison that gradually damages your body. People fry bhajiyas and vadas at home, but they end up using the same oil for other things. And when people are done using the used cooking oil and are satisfied with its dark colour, they drain the oil into the sink which ends up blocking the sewage. 

The best way to save yourself and the environment from this poison is to join the #HarGharHealthy campaign.

3 easy steps to join the #HarGharHealthy campaign.

1) Collect the used cooking oil and store it in a safe container.

2) Call us at +91 7304745554 or email us at

3) We will send a pickup service and collect the oil from you which will later be used for the production of biofuels.